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Having difficult conversations with cultural sensitivity

The ability to manage difficult conversations with cultural sensitivity is an essential to achieving any significant change and driving higher performance in today’s global work environment. Crossroads Global’s first virtual dialogue is a series of six high impact expertly curated webinars that will give the toolkit of skills to assess varying situations and identify the […]

Strategies for being culturally effective

Cultural effectiveness is no longer mastering the language or memorising Do’s and Don’ts of a culture. It is in fact a mindset that allows you to be intuitive about what matters to others, what motivates them and why they do what they do even if it makes no sense to you at first.
Monika Chauhan -Stok, a Global Business Expert shares strategies for success when working across cultures.

The Key To Successful International Assignments

Top tip from our founder Monika Stok,

“There are no right or wrong cultures – they are just different. To understand the why behind these differences is key to crossing cultures successfully.”

Push Your Team to Think Globally

Leverage the diversity of your Multinational team by learning the cultural factors that might lead to misunderstandings and conflicts if there is lack of awareness. Make your multinational team excel by collaborating effectively.

Working Effectively Across Cultures

Entrepreneurs have a lot of great choices when it comes to deciding where to locate their business. Every city has different benefits and some industries will work better in certain locations than in others.