Get The Best Out Of 2019 With Crossroads Global

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Reach Your Next Level Of Success In 2019 With Crossroads Global

As you transition into the New Year, here’s an inspiration to evaluate 2018 and see how you can make 2019 even better. Know how to set the bar higher for achievement with Crossroads Global’s New Year Transition Booster Package.

Pre Booster: Take Charge Sheet 

>Connect with your best self> Pen down your focus areas > Take stock of your still to be accomplished goals

Booster Session One: Wrap-Up 2018 

>Celebrate your Accomplishments > Accept your Setbacks > Discover your Surprises > Express your Learning > Review your Progress

Booster Session Two: Welcome 2019

>Create the ‘BIG’ vision > Mid Year Resolution > Release Self Defeating Patterns  > Growth Tracking Tool > A Better Year, A Better You

Post Booster: Final Affirmation Report 

> Affirmative Steps To Personal Success > Commitment Cheat Sheet > New Outlook Towards Resolutions

Bonus Webinar: Work Life Effectiveness

Give yourself the best gift for the new year. Avail the CRG Transition New Year Booster Package at GBP 399* ONLY. Let us make this year the year you want it to be.

 Kick-Start Your 2019

*Excluding VAT

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