2016 – The choice to fly

“In between stimulus and response, there is a space; in that space lies our power to choose our response – there lies freedom.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

I am inspired to start 2016 by sharing my understanding of the mindset and actions that help you make inspired choices, choices that bring the sheer joy of flying high to explore the blue skies, choices that make you achieve heights that you never knew existed.

Over the last years , working with some incredibly talented people from different walks of life, I saw a common barrier that was holding them back from feeling inspired – their achievements!

Yes, that’s right – the high position they had attained, the huge salary package they were earning, the elite status they enjoyed in society was holding them back from exploring further.

The privilege had become the golden cage!!

Coaching people to uncage their lives and make decisions that give them purpose and passion  has helped me come out with a  winning startegy that works again and again in making you take charge of your life and fly higher.

First and most important is being mindful of your feelings and why you feel that way.
Understanding your Motivation
Most of us know what we don’t like but it is hard to know what motivates us and what we really want. A vision or goal that inspires is a strong incentive to step forward, however uncomfortable it might be.
Getting comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone
We are creatures of habit and it is scary to bring disruption to what seems an ideal situation. It takes discipline and will to invite discomfort but the more you do it, the easier it becomes
Bite sized chunks
A big change is overwhelming and sometimes paralyses us from taking action. Breaking your vision into a series of small actionable steps that are achievable reinforce your journey into the new direction.
Feeling alive and inspired
Feeling inspired to see more clearly where this thing called ‘inspiration’ comes from – that thing that gives us the courage to fly and makes us appreciate how much more potential we have to live the most of our precious lives.

I want you to feel inspired in 2016 – inspired to make the choice to fly again.

About the Contributor
Monika Chauhan- Stok is a leading coach and works with a select group of organisations, teams and individuals on maximising potential and realising personal visions. She has a unique and very personal approach to bringing the transition.

Choice to Fly’ Programme is a comprehensive coaching programme designed by Monika and offered by Crossroads Global. In three online sessions of 60 minutes , you will be ready to fly  higher than ever before. You will also have access to free webinars, online modules and resource materials.

All at a very special price of $500 only!! It’s our New Year Gift – Order before January 31st to avail of this great offer!!!

Mail us NOW at info@crossroads-global.com with the title “Choice to Fly “- First 50 get 15% off on the package price.

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