Why Toyota must keep on pushing for diversity

As Toyota top exec resigns following drug accusations, the company acknowledged that it did not do enough to help foreigners integrate into Japan.

Toyota has three-quarters of its sales from overseas and about 80 percent of its 338,875 employees are outside Japan. Yet only two non-Japanese are board members.
We agree with this article that to become a truly global company, Toyota must continue with its push for diversity.

It is important to remember that in global readiness, cultural awareness precedes other diversity initiatives. Helping employees understand and integrate culturally helps in creating a more engaging and inclusive workplace.

Toyota reassuringly commented after the resignation of their senior female executive

“We remain firmly committed to putting the right people in the right places,” the company said, “regardless of nationality, gender, age and other factors.”

For more details, you can read the article on the link below:

For more information about cultural awareness programmes and Diversity and Inclusion workshops, please visit our site http://www.crossroads-global.com

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