The Key To Successful International Assignments

As business becomes more global, international assignments are on the rise. While living and working in a new country is exciting and full of opportunities, there are challenges and frustrations too that if not managed can lead to failure resulting in both business and personal disappointment.  Being prepared and managing expectations is key to a successful international assignment.

At Crossroads Global, we know the importance of being prepared and therefore offer a unique customised approach to preparing assignees and expatriates for success in their international assignments. When it is a move for the whole family, it is even a bigger challenge for the accompanying spouse and children. We have a hugely successful family programme that not only helps you transition but sets you up for successfully thriving in your new culture. If you are expatriating alone or as a family, we can help you make the experience a rich and fun experience.

Top tip from our founder Monika Stok,

“There are no right or wrong cultures – they are just different. To understand the why behind these differences is key to crossing cultures successfully.”

Check out our top ten tips for successful international assignments at:

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