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Watch out our blog for top 10 tips

Watch out our blog for 10 tips from Monika Chauhan-Stok (CEO and Cross Cultural and Diversity Coach) on succesful transitioning into a new culture.

Upcoming seminar for expats on September 21st

Upcoming seminar for expats in Luxembourg on September 21st. The success of international assignments depends to a large extent on cultural awareness and understanding. We make sure that our clients feel confident that their employees are appropriately prepared to manage their global business. Our trainers and associates are high calibre professionals with experience of living and […]

Crossroads Shortlisted for EMMA Award!

“Congratulations! I am delighted to inform you that you have been shortlisted for an EMMA in the following category:” Best Family Support Program Crossroads Global has been shortlisted for an EMMA award for “Best Family Support Program” award ceremony 19th October in London. Anthony Fleming – Crossroads Global: “We are very proud to be shortlisted for the […]